10-76 Louis (formerly Clyde) 10-76

Adopted by:
Jim and Diane

Happy holidays to me! I found my forever home! My foster parents, Jim and Diane, decided that I was a perfect fit for their family and a perfect friend for their resident Golden, Bo. Bo and I run and play inside and out all day long and don’t even tire each other out! I also have a new brother and 2 sisters whom I adore! This is a very active family and it suits me just fine! I am learning indoor manners, with the help of Bo, as I follow his lead when possible. I no longer jump all over people when they come to the door. When Diane gives the command, we both run off to our special area and wait to be introduced to the visitor. I must not have cared much for the name Clyde, because I never responded to it. So Jim and Diane have renamed me Louis, after a comedian they really like. I like that name too. They think I am also a comedian so it fits nicely! Thank you Jim and Diane not only for fostering me, but taking me permanently into your home! 10-76-louis-formerly-clyde2.jpg 10-76-louis-formerly-clyde.jpg