10-77 Bailey 10-77

Adopted by:
Terry & Christina

Bailey here! I was adopted by Terry and Christina back in August, but I’m just now finding time to send out my update (gotta get those holiday cards in the mail!). You can see from my GRRIN number (10-77 means I was in foster care back in 2010) that I’ve been in and out of the system, but it’s not because I had bad owners, “life” just happens sometimes. Thankfully GRRIN will always take in one of their own and give them another chance. I even got to stay with my former foster mom! It didn’t take long for a family to fall in love with me at a meet and greet at The Bookworm. Terry and Christina work from home and wanted a sweet senior to keep them company – I’m the perfect choice. I’m going to live up to that nickname for senior Goldens, “fireplace dog”, while I live it up with my humans and enjoy my “golden” years!

Bailey 10-77-2