11-01 Monty 11-01

Adopted by:
Troy and Shelly

So, if you ever feel you can’t love again or that you may never be loved again, take heart and listen to my story. I had a wonderful life with my previous owner. We were pals, buddies, and best friends, but it didn’t work out for me to stay, it was just not meant to be. Wow, that was a pretty sad day for my former master and me. I was strong on the outside but, boy, was I sad on the inside. That’s how I got to my GRRIN foster home. Fortunately for me, I got to live with Tricia and Brent and their girls. They were amazing. They even had another Golden named Jake that I got to play with. I really liked that. They spoiled me rotten. But they also taught me a lot of good manners too. I was thinking maybe I’d live with them forever. But, deep down, I knew that Brent and Tricia were meant to be fosters for GRRIN and if I was adopted by them, they probably couldn’t foster any more. And being a foster is REALLY important. Trust me, I know. Plus, I really wanted my own “forever home”. Then, one day, Troy and Shelly and their daughter came to meet me. They had recently lost their Golden and were looking for a new guy to complete their family. Guess what, that guy is ME!!! I’ll really miss my foster family and I know they’ll miss me. I watched as they all had tears in their eyes when they brought me to my new home. But, I know that they were not just tears of missing me, but tears of joy for me that I am finally home. Thank you Brent and Tricia! Thank you GRRIN! And thank you Troy and Shelly! Like I said, take heart, there is always enough love to go around! Monty Adopted Feb. 2011