11-15 Jackson 11-15

Adopted by:
Barry, Whitney, Jack and Ethan

Hi everyone – Jackson here! I have so much to tell you about my forever home and family. I sure get spoiled at my new house. There is so much love in our home and so much to do. I wear many hats as the newest member of our family. My human brothers, Jack and Ethan are so incredibly busy and full of energy too! Momma says we are a match made in heaven cause we play so much that we tire each other out. My oldest brother, Jack, made me honorary member of his track and flag football teams. I am his biggest fan and help him practice all the time. I wish there were teams for canines…I would be awesome! Ethan, my younger brother, is very active too. He enjoys Tae Kwon Do, something I do not know too much about, so I just keep him moving by playing catch and chase. Sometimes, Ethan will forget to put his clothes in the hamper, so I will try and help him out by picking them up and making him chase me around the house. He is starting to remember to put things away. J I also love our pool in the summertime, but my favorite thing is to sleep on Dad’s spot on the bed before he gets a chance to (Momma thinks it’s funny)! Both boys are in school, so during most days I spend time with my Momma or Dad who luckily work from home a lot. We go for walks and sometimes we go to the dog park, which is a blast! In our house, Dad does the majority of the cooking, so I try to help out as much as I can in the kitchen. Dad calls me his “sous chef”, when in reality, I just hope that he accidentally drops something! He makes some delicious looking/smelling food! I love helping Momma out too. I like to help her clean up from dinner and around the house. I tried to help with our backyard landscaping…I think we all had different ideas what it should look like back there. I also tried to re-arrange Dad’s home office, but I don’t think he liked my organizational skills. I will probably leave those alone for a while. I love my forever home and my forever family. Everyday they tell me how much they love me. I fit in perfectly! Thank you so much GRRIN! I cannot wait to see you all again soon to tell you more about my family adventures (oh, and can you make it at the bakery? That place was amazing and we got to leave with some yummy treats my boys picked out for me!).