11-21 Chance HE 11-21

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          Gilbert & I are the best of friends. We happened upon each other through GRRIN. When Gilbert came to meet me I went to him without hesitation and put my head on his lap. Gilbert says I picked him, not the other way around. It is obvious to me that that we were meant to be together. We have mutual love & respect for each other. We’re just a couple guys that like hanging out together.           Gilbert’s the kind of guy I could sit and play checkers with for hours. Since I don’t have thumbs we spend time together in other ways. We find pleasure in being outside, where we play ball, take walks, and just take notice of the sights & sounds of the neighborhood. Inside you may find us in front of a football game, cheering for big red. Life couldn’t be better.           I live for the moment and don’t look back, but know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the many volunteers who have helped me the past few months. I am especially grateful for my foster mom, Misty, who stood by me as my body and soul healed. Through her loving care I’ve become the guy I am today. Love, Chance Adopted October 2011