11-22 Nicki HE 11-22

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Nicki here. I am the GRRIN dog with the not so golden retriever ears! That’s because I am part German Shepherd. That part was a concern for my new mom, as ALL of her GRRIN dogs have survived outings during the Nebraska summers by going swimming to cool off and get exercise. Since she already has Rex #08-36 and he swims like a shark, I needed to like the water too – German Shepherds are not always crazy about the water, but it turns out I love it! When my wonderful foster family took me over to visit, I walked right into her pond without a word. We all knew we were right for each other. Rex is pretty cool about a new member of the family. He really misses Duke #7-30 and so does Mom but I have some antics up my sleeve to help them move on. Another great thing about my new forever home is that I have a grandma now that comes and steals us from time to time while Mom is at work – how cool is that! I have a couple of pictures but I am wet in both of them – go figure – thank you GRRIN! 11-22 Nicki with bro Rex 08-36 Nicki 11-22 with canine brother Rex 08-36 Adopted July 2011