11-25 Indy HE 11-25

Adopted by:
Nancy and Mike

I’m Indy and my story starts out kind of sad but has a happy ending. I lived on an acreage with my loving family, but when flood waters destroyed their home, many changes happened in their family, and they couldn’t keep me. They decided surrendering me to GRRIN was the best thing for all of us. I stayed with Tim and Nikki for the first few days. I got along with the other dogs but I had to be kept away from their cat! Then I went to live with Brent, Trisha, Bailey, Emma, Jordan, and their golden, Jake. I was nervous at first because of all the changes but I quickly learned that these new humans were here to help me. When Nancy and Mike met me, it was quite obvious how much of an impression I made on them. I got lots of hugs and really enjoyed all the attention they gave me. They told me that they’ve adopted four goldens from GRRIN and asked if I’d like to be number five! I quickly jumped at the chance and now I am happy to be a beloved member of my new family and I get lots of spoiling and love. We go for daily walks, play ball, go for rides, or just hang out together. I even got to go on vacation with them! We had a great time in Colorado. I ride nice in the car, but I refuse to give up my vigilant guard duty and never did lay down and go to sleep. I am always looking for the next adventure whether a treat, a rest area or an actual long walk. Mike took me up the side of the mountain behind the cabin 2 or 3 times each day and I was in my glory. I am very delightful and they love me! I love my belly rubs and immediately roll over on my back when someone leans down toward me on the floor. I am also a great snuggler and get to lay in bed to watch TV. I am a very lucky dog. I came from a loving family who I will always miss, I survived a flood, and now have found my new forever home where I am loved dearly and pampered daily! It was a match made in heaven, thanks to GRRIN!

    11-25 Indy HE 11-25 Indy HE 11-25 Indy HE
Adopted August 2011