11-26 Grady 11-26

Adopted by:
Jeff, Carmen and Ralphie

I have been so busy since I found my furever home about 4 months ago that I almost forgot to write back to my dear friends at GRRIN. As you can see all my hair is growing back in and am quite proud if it . I’m still not quite use to this grooming thing but Dad does his best with his furbaby as he calls me. I have over a 1/2 acre of fenced yard in the country that I play in with my 8 year old golden brother Ralphie. We love chasing rabbits and hanging out together. Ralphie is also doing his best at teaching me now to play fetch with a ball and frisbee. I would spend my whole day outside sunning myself on the deck if I could. Digging in the dirt is also fun, but for some reason, my parents aren’t to keen on the idea. We talked about it, and am getting better at finding other things to do. I’m always right by the door to greet my family enthusiastically when they come home. I’m most content when I’m in constant contact with my family, using their bodies as my personal lounge furniture and love being the life of the party when guests come over. I appreciate everything GRRIN and my foster parents have done for me. My adoption did not change the whole world, but it did change the whole world for me. I couldn’t be happier! 11-26gradyhe1.JPG 11-26gradyhe3.jpg