11-30 Cash 11-30


Hi, everyone. My name is Cash. I started my life as a member of a great family. However, the kids in my neighborhood were kind of mean to me, and it made me nervous. I would get distressed in situations that I didn’t understand. My family didn’t know how to deal with my sensitivity, so they contacted GRRIN. Before long, I was in a wonderful foster home with Goldens Bo and Jake. We played like we were long-lost brothers. Dave and Michelle did a wonderful job of letting me settle in. Over time, they worked with my nervousness, and I became a bit more relaxed in new situations. I even graduated with honors from obedience class! Unfortunately, I would still get nervous in certain new situations, and would bark and lunge. It became very apparent that I’d need a forever-home with an experienced, dog-savvy person to keep me moving in the right direction. One day that “needle-in-a-haystack” type of person came along. I met Laddie at Dave and Michelle’s house, and I gravitated to his energy right away. I knew that he was the kind of guy with whom I could form a bond. Laddie spent over 2 hours interacting with me, and the time seemed to fly by. It wasn’t long before I went to live with Laddie. Life is great! He has a lot of experience working with Golden Retrievers, and I’m learning more from him every day. We’ve established quite a bond between us. I’m very grateful to my foster parents for getting me pointed in the right direction. It was hard for them to see me leave, but they knew that Laddie was the right person for me, and I was the right dog for him. It’s truly a wonderful forever-story! Adopted September 2012