11-35 Sam 11-35

Adopted by:
Susan & Dan, Nick, Jake, Gabi, Grace and Becca.

Update from Sam’s family! (We LOVE updates!)

Our family adopted Sam in August 2013. We thought it was time for an update! Sam continues to be a very special part of our lives. Our oldest boys are grown and out of the house.

He keeps our girls running and loves to play! We recently found some dog toys (pictured) at Costco that are quite durable and last a few days rather than a couple hours with Sam!

You can count on Sam to take care of whoever happens to be sick in the house and he tends to make the rounds at night checking to be sure everyone’s ok and in bed.

Sam is now 7 years old and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Thanks to GRRIN for our sweet Sam!

Dan, Susan, Nick, Jake, Gabi, Grace and Becca.

Sam and his girls in 2013!

Sam and his girls in 2018!

Thank you to all the wonderful people at GRRIN who helped find me a forever family! I came to live with Susan & Dan and their 5 kids: Nick, Jake, Gabi, Grace and Becca. I was adopted in late August and I LOVE it here! My new family gives me a lot of people to play and cuddle with. I really like to follow Susan around and take note of her comings and goings. I wake her up to take me for jogs in the mornings and I don’t go to bed until she goes to bed at night. I think I know the routine of my new family pretty well now. I know which toys are mine and never bother the little girls toys…they are pretty happy about that. Susan & Dan love that I have never had any accidents and I don’t tear anything up either…I don’t even dig holes! The only thing I need to work on is not pulling on the leash and not going between the legs of any person. I think I’m doing pretty good but sometimes Susan goes a little slower than I’d like to go. I’m learning to slow down and I understand “leave it” when I see a squirrel or a bird. I love getting hugs so I keep forgetting the rule about not going between people’s legs but I’m getting better. I have a Golden Retriever dog friend next door named Stella. Stella is 2 and loves to run around and play. We always have a good time together and then I’m ready to take a nap. I also like to go to my family’s cousin’s house! They have a HUGE yard so I can run and run and run! Then I go home and take a nap. Life is great! Maybe we’ll see you at the Gold Rush in October.

Love, Sam


11-35 Sam

Adopted August 2013

  • Adopted by: Susan & Dan, Nick, Jake, Gabi, Grace and Becca.
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