11-36 Ellie 11-36

Adopted by:
Nate and Chelsea

Hi everyone! This is Ellie, just wanted to give everyone an update on everything that has happened since I FINALLY found my forever home!! I had been having a great time with my foster parents, Dave and Michelle, and they loved me so much, when one day Nate and Chelsea (my new parents) came to meet me. They immediately fell in love with me (I knew they would since I am the cutest girl in the world!), and before I knew it, I was on my way to my new home. Since coming home, I’ve had the best time. They don’t have any kids, so I’m the lucky winner of all their love and attention! Nate and Chelsea take me on walks almost every day, and I love snuggling on the couch or in bed with Chelsea when Nate has to work late. Nate and Chelsea are both doctors, so when they both have long work days I get to spend the day with Chelsea’s mom! She is the best Grandma in the world and spoils me so much! At her house I get to play with their dog Bubba, and we are best friends! You would have thought that we’ve known each other forever. Chelsea and Nate love me very much and can’t wait for all our adventures together! Love, Ellie 11-36 Ellie Forever Home 11-36 Ellie Forever Home 11-36 Ellie Forever Home Adopted New Year’s Day 2013