11-42 Barney HE 11-42


Hi everyone! I haven’t been with my forever family very long yet, but I can tell I’ll get a lot of love and attention here! They’ve made me feel right at home. I go for walks with all 3 of them – Dave, Julie and their son Joey – and that’s a lot of fun. We even go to the park on the trails which is exciting. I’m learning to play in the house although I’m not used to playing with toys and Joey’s a lot of fun to play outside with! He chases me and we wrestle in the yard which is even better when there’s snow on the ground. I run really fast then dip my shoulder so I can slide in the snow. Dave tries to fool me with snowballs and throws them as if I can pick them up. But I show him…I just chomp them into little bits and then chase him down! I let him think I’ll chase more of the fake white tennis balls. J They let me lay with them on the couch and I love cuddling with them. I’m learning that with this family I don’t have to wait to be told I can do things. I’m not used to that and it feels strange. But I’ll get used to it. The best thing is sleeping on Joey’s bed with him! He also gave me my own cushions to lie on next to his bed. Dave likes to spend time working outside so I keep him company. We’ll take breaks and he’ll throw the ball and wrestle with me. I’m also his ride buddy. I go with him to run errands and stuff. That’s fun because I get a treat once in a while. I’m glad I came to live with this family…and I think they’re glad I’m here too. 11-42 Barney HE 11-42 Barney HE 11-42 Barney HE Adopted January 2012