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My name is Patrick, and I’m a very happy boy. Why? Because I’ve found my perfect forever home! My life started out a bit rough. My owner made me live in a muddy dog run, without regular food, socialization or exercise. Word got out that he wasn’t taking good care of me, so the local Animal Control Officer stepped in and sprung me from the dingy mess. They took me back to the shelter where the volunteers gave me 4 baths to strip all the mud away and expose my gorgeous coat! I was evaluated, then placed up for adoption. One day a nice man came to meet me. He said that he was from GRRIN. I didn’t know what that was, but I knew right away that he was a good human. We played and played, and before long I found myself in his car making the drive from Kansas to Nebraska! Woo Hoo! I went to a vet for an exam and surgery (it only hurt a little bit), then made my way to a foster home. Things were kind of tough while I learned about housetraining, socialization skills, and manners around other dogs. With some regular exercise, combined with calm direction from my foster parents, and firm but fair corrections from my canine house companions, I began to see the light, and settled into a routine. One day I was at a GRRIN event and a nice man walked up to meet me. He said that his name was Shane. He had a wonderful energy that made me feel very secure. The way that he petted and played with me made me eager for more. A few days later I met Shane again. This time we went for a walk and played some more. I didn’t want to leave his side! Well, it turns out that I didn’t have to! He signed some paperwork, and I was adopted! We drove to his home, and I spent some time checking things out. A nice house with a bed just for me, a great back yard (with no mud) to play in, good groceries, great owner….what more could a dog ask for? Shane and I have developed a great routine where I accompany him while he runs. We also visit the dog park regularly, where I’ve staked my claim as Mister Congeniality. I love to run and play with my dog pals, but I still gravitate back to Shane, because I know that he’s the leader of our “pack”. Life for me is wonderful and I’m so glad that Shane and I found each other. But it wouldn’t have happened without the great folks at GRRIN! 12-13 Patrick Forever Home 12-13 Patrick Forever Home 12-13 Patrick Forever Home 12-13 Patrick Forever Home Adopted September 2012