12-18 Sampson 12-18

Adopted by:
Jon and Sue

Hi, it’s Sampson. A lot has been happening since I last wrote about being available for adoption. You know from that story that as a puppy I was given to a child. As sometimes happens, the child and I grew and the people were less interested in me. A neighbor tried to help, but it was clear their dog preferred to be an only. So, I went to GRRIN for help. I spent time in foster care with GRRIN. My foster mom, Misty said I was a really smart guy. I already knew to not take things I was not given permission to take, and to take them gently with my mouth. I had some good lessons when I was a pup that prepared me to live in a family, and be part of the family. While in foster care I learned and practiced things like sit, stay, come, walking on leash, and paying attention to what my humans expected of me. I was a quick learner and wanted to please humans, so we could all be happy. I thought things were going well and I kept hearing my foster mom & dad saying how good I was, then things got even better. Jon and Sue came to meet me, I got in Jon’s face and he got in mine and we all fell in love. I can’t be sure why, but sometimes the chemistry is just right and you know this time it’s forever. When I got to Jon and Sue’s house I found that they had previously had a Golden. I knew this because I found their box of Golden toys and grooming things. I pulled the brush out and took it to my new humans so they could brush me. This got things started on the right track, because now they think I’m really clever. Some of the other things I’ve heard my new family say about me are that I have perfect manners, I leave the trash and other things alone that I have no business getting into, I don’t beg, and best of all that I’m great at snuggling. I do still act my age and have fun though, I love to run and Jon and Sue say I remind them of a greyhound when I run in big circles in the yard. When I see another dog I get so excited that I jump and get all 4 of my feet nearly 4 feet off the ground. I know this all sounds too good to be true, but shortly after being adopted by Sue & Jon I got to go on a long trip with them. I remembered all my manners that my foster mom taught me. We went to a cabin at a lake and I was a good boy the whole trip. I was so surprised that we went to a lake, because I love swimming. Now Sue & Jon know I love to swim too, I’ll even retrieve from the water. I’ve included some vacation photos to show off my skills. While we were at the cabin there were fireworks. I didn’t really like those, but I found my brush and took it to my new family. They are clever too, and caught on that brushing helps me to calm down. So, we were all able to settle together. I’m telling you, this is really the life. I have a lot of people to thank; there have been many people in my short life that have helped me along the way so here’s a big shout out to all of you, THANKS. Love, Sampson 12-18 Sampson at his forever home 12-18 Sampson at his forever home 12-18 Sampson at his forever home 12-18 Sampson on vacation with his forever family 12-18 Sampson on vacation with his forever family

Adopted June 2012