12-29 Abby 12-29

Adopted by:
Sheri G. and Scot A.

I am such a happy girl! Remember me? Abby! I came back to Nebraska to find my new home and it found me! Sheri and Scot are taking great care of me. I also love my new doggie buddy, a little Westie. He keeps me company too. We get along great. He even loved my food so much that they had to start feeding us both the same thing!

My arthritis is getting a little better. I am keeping quite active. I am going on lots of walks and have even lost a few pounds. That sure makes a girl feel good! It makes running the fence lots easier and of course I am always playing with my ball. I keep my people busy throwing it for me; to bring it back again and again! I also have them trained to give me lots of belly rubs. They feel so good!

When Scot leaves the house I wait for him on the landing. It feels like forever. I get so excited when he comes back so we can play again. I miss him when he is gone.

Thanks to Sue and Tom and my GRRIN friends for bringing us together!

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