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Adopted by:
Ty, Heather, Ella, Layton, and resident dog Bailey

Tank came to GRRIN in August of 2012 because his family could no longer keep him. His foster mom quickly discovered that Tank suffered from severe allergy problems and he began a series of allergy injections which meant he would be in foster care for a while as he improved. That was fine with mom Lois because she absolutely adored Tank and thought he was the perfect dog! In November, Tank was ready to meet families but his continued medical care was going to be very expensive and included continuing his injections. Fortunately, Ty and Heather were not concerned about working with Tank’s health issues and they were willing to have the entire family meet Tank. As we see so often in GRRIN, they knew immediately that Tank was meant to live with them forever but he still had to pass the test with Bailey, the resident mini-dog, nearly blind and deaf in his old age. It turns out that wasn’t a problem and Tank has a great new life, evidenced by notes from Heather: He’s super sweet and loving and wants to be touched and loved on at all times! He’s a great walker. We go on daily walks and he’s good on the leash and always uses such good manners with other neighborhood dogs, even if they’re barking at him for no good reason! He loves, loves, loves his red ball. We went through quite a few balls that he chewed up (even the ones you’re supposedly not able to chew up!) until we found the perfect red ball that he keeps near him at all times. Getting him to drop it to play fetch is another thing but we’re working on it! He enjoys trading off rooms to sleep in – ours, Layton’s and Ella’s and is quite the king in his new dog bed! He’s addicted to ice. He can be anywhere in the house but when he hears someone getting ice from the ice maker he comes running! He really enjoyed the snow – playing in it and eating it! Everyone who’s met him talks about his sweet, loving demeanor and spirit. He’s gentle around Bailey, his new (and much older) four-legged “brother”! As always, GRRIN is grateful to the wonderful families who open their hearts and homes to rescue a dog!! 12-30 Tank Forever Family 12-30 Tank Forever Family 12-30 Tank Forever Family Adopted December 2012

  • Adopted by: Ty, Heather, Ella, Layton, and resident dog Bailey
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