12-34 Mozart 12-34

Adopted by:
Jack, Pat and crew!

I’m enjoying settling into my new home. My new family is very impressed with my “doggie manners” thanks to my previous families. They are also learning the difference between dog toys and heavy chewer dog toys. They are happy that my chewing is controllable, no serious casualties thus far. Ryan and I play with tennis balls in the back yard. I love baths in my swimming pool. Jack & Pat also have 3 grown kids with 7 grandkids that all love playing with me – lots of tug-of-war and chasing fun. Randy got a kitten and I’ve learned that he is not an acceptable chew toy. We play chase; one of our sessions ended with us both on the dining room table. My new family and I look forward to many years of excitement and good times.
12-34 Mozart
Adopted 2013