12-38 Prissy now Missy 12-38

Adopted by:
Alan & Sue

We adopted Missy (formerly known as 12-38 Prissy) in early December, and she has quickly become one of the family – a family which already included a Min Pin (Penny) adopted from the Humane Society in Lincoln in August. Penny and Missy have become good friends, and love doing things with each other – going for walks, rides in the car, or anything else. Missy came to us as a very quiet dog, but is coming out of her shell more and more – although she is always quite the lady. She and Penny play together sometimes, and Missy jumps right in to get involved in whatever is going on. Missy gets along with everyone, both people and other dogs. In typical Golden fashion, she just assumes everyone is her friend (and they are). Missy’s calm nature made us think she might be a good therapy dog, so we just started an intermediate obedience course (no need for the beginning course), and after two weeks that is going very well. She can sit, stay, lie down, and walks right by Sue’s side – all while other distractions occur nearby. The pictures show Missy and Penny, and show Missy at her obedience class.

12-38 Prissy Forever Home

12-38 Prissy Forever Home 12-38 Prissy Forever Home

Adopted December 2012