13-02 Buddy 13-02

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My name is Buddy and even though I came to live with my forever family just about 1 month ago, my new mom, Melanie, says it feels like I have been a part of the family for a really long time. We have had great fun in this short time playing in my new backyard (which I also get to chase squirrels and rabbits out of!) and going on car rides and visiting friends and family! In fact, I have been so happy here lately that when we go outside to play, I start running big, crazy, happy dog laps around the back yard and then stop so Mom can give me big hugs! Mom keeps telling me how smart I am and we work on lots of fun things like sitting, staying and lying down, which I really already knew how to do but I humor her and really enjoy those treats! I also have 2 new human brothers, Max and Xavier, and I love that I get to sleep in one or the other’s bed at night. We go out and play ball in our yard too and I have gotten really good at bringing it back. I also have a new Grandma and Grandpa that come over during the day to take me out and keep me company for a little bit while everyone else is at work and school. I keep hearing Mom talking about this hiking thing and I am very excited to find out what that’s all about too…I bet I’m going to love it! I just have to learn to walk on the leash a little better, but I’m a very smart guy and pick up these things easy! My Mom keeps telling me how lucky she feels to have gotten such a good boy to be a part of the family and she really wants to thank the wonderful people at GRRIN for helping me get my eyes fixed and helping us find each other! Buddy 13-02 Buddy 13-02 Buddy Adopted April 2013