13-15 Lucky 13-15

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When I was named Lucky, little did I know how lucky I would really be! I had a wonderful home with a mom who absolutely adored me – and when her circumstances changed I had an opportunity to come into the GRRIN family. My foster mom, Kate, worked with me on some of my socialization skills and introduced me to other dogs so I would know how to interact. She was great with me. Then one day I was told I was going to have a special visitor. His name was Alex. Something told me this was someone special. And he was! We were an instant match. He spent hours throwing a tennis ball for me to chase – my favorite activity. Right then he won my heart! I later got to meet his roommate and it was another hit right off the bat. I am even hoping to go running with his roommate! So we made it official, and I went to live with them. We are just three guys hanging out! Alex has enough energy to tolerate my own high level of energy, and we can play for hours. So GRRIN, thank you so very much for giving me this opportunity to become part of a family again. Love and Kisses (and slobber) to everyone. Lucky 13-15 Lucky Forever Home 13-15 Lucky 13-15 Lucky Adopted June 2013