13-18 Ronan 13-18

Adopted by:
Tom, Sue and Molly

Murphy here (formerly 13-18 Ronan), and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I have had since I came to GRRIN. First off, my foster mom Sabra and her golden Hudson realized what a great guy I am. They had faith in me and gave me lots of attention. My manners improved and they helped me find a forever family. I arrived at my new home full of energy and ready for my forever family to come along for the fun. You see, every day is an adventure for me. I like to think I infused a little of that excitement into the lives of my forever family Sue, Tom and their daughter Molly. I have a new sister Lily, she’s a golden too, only not crème colored like me. We play together and I am totally devoted to her. I got a new name, Murphy, and it seems to suit my goofy personality. When it comes to tricks and rules I am the best. I showed my forever family how easy it is to get the bread off the counter when they are not looking. They made a new rule not to leave unattended food for me to snatch. This compromise is working pretty good! I know that I am going to have a lot of fun everyday at my forever home. 13-18 Ronan Ronan (13-18) now Murphy Adopted 2013