13-20 Frosty 13-20

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Update: Frosty was officially adopted on May 23rd by his foster mom, Marie!

Welcome Frosty to GRRIN! He was originally fostered by our rescue group in 2013 when he was brought in at eight weeks of age with severe frostbite. He was born at a puppy mill in March during an exceptionally long and cold winter, and suffered permanent scarring to his nose and eyebrows, along with the loss of two digits on each of his front paws. But you will never a see a frown on Frosty’s face – he’s a typical happy-go-lucky Golden who doesn’t understand limitations.

Frosty’s foster mom has planned to adopt him since he was first placed with her; in the meantime, she and GRRIN have been experimenting with different ways to improve his comfort levels during normal Golden activities. We’ll keep you posted on his progress and official adoption!