13-23 Coco 13-23

Adopted by:
Ed, Suzanne, and children

Some rescue dogs should really be rescue “cats” because they have nine lives!  Coco is one of those dogs.  Oh, the stories she could tell about her former homes, living both indoors and out, dealing with not-so-nice dogs and a lot of change, but this grey-faced gal finally landed a spot in her true “furever” home.  After being adopted, she bonded quickly with her new family.  Unfortunately, Coco became very ill, and this is when she got yet another “life” because her new family did everything to figure out what was wrong with Coco to try to get her healthy again.  We all know what that means – a lot of stress, tears, and vet bills, but it’s all worth it!  GRRIN cannot thank this family enough for giving Coco a great home and making sure she gets the best care, kindness, and love as she recovers from her illness.