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Adopted by:
Chad, Heidi, Carter, Landon, Millie & Daisy

Miss Daisy became a part of our family in December 2013. We had been grieving over the loss of our 14 year old Golden, Joey, and we were ready to start looking into finding a new fury friend to love. Well, LOVE, we did. We fell in love with Daisy immediately and although she has only been with us for a short time, she is already a beloved member of our family.

Daisy is 8 years old and a perfect blend of silly, calm, and sweet. She is fantastic with our kids and they just adore her! She loves to curl up and sleep with our oldest son and our little ones had missed having their “fetch buddy” and Daisy has been happy to step in. She is very gentle with our kids and they equally respect her.

When our Joey died, my wife was broken. Joey had been our first “child” and was her treasured companion. Daisy has brought some healing along with a new joy to our family and we feel very blessed to call her part of our family. She is by my wife’s side always…she waits by the bed for my wife to start the morning and follows her to our room as night when its time for bed. She is sweet as can be and has just been a perfect match for our family.

We want Daisy’s first family to know that she is loved very much and that we promise to take very good care of her. We also want to thank them for all the years they loved her…she has excellent manners and is such a happy dog. We also want to thank the foster family who loved her as well. They allowed us to meet with her twice before we adopted her and have been so helpful with questions.

We aren’t sure who needed who the most, but we think its been a perfect match. Thanks GRINN!.

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