13-39 Tucker 13-39

Adopted by:
Steve & Pat

It has now been over a week, and I am doing great in my forever home! I am very busy going between the upstairs kitchen window door and the downstairs window door…perfect place for squirrel patrol! And yes, I do this job well! I also love to run the fence with the two neighbor dogs although I am not as crazy with the barking as they are! I love being outside with my new dad, Steve, while he is raking leaves. I had two walks Monday and three walks yesterday, and one this morning … my leash skills are holding up with a soft reminder after I see a squirrel. Thanks to my foster parents, Sue and Jon for all your work on this! I started Monday night sleeping in the bedroom on my bed … that is until they turned the lights off and I moved to the hall outside the door, I now have precious cargo to protect, and want to be sure to do a good job! The grandkids came over last night to meet me and fell head over heels in love. I worked the room (I’m very good at this) giving each their turn to get to know me, love me and there were even some belly rubs! My new parents can’t believe I am so social and so loving! That is of course thanks to all the work my foster parents did with me. They gave me the opportunity to grow into my own with no pressure, and I am much more secure with those around me. I am happy, and in the best possible place for me. Thank you, GRRIN for all you did for me, and thank you to my new forever parents, Pat and Steve for accepting me and letting me love them. Tucker

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