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Adopted by:
Pam and Ken

Cali came to our home on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas. We were really excited to have her come and be apart of our family. Since her profile did not say how she was with cats we were wondering how this first encounter would go. We have two adult cats, Lily & Marbles, who are used to living with a variety of animals and having other family members’ dogs over for visits. Cali did not pay much attention to the cats. Marbles watched her from the dining room table for a while. Lily made her way over to check her out.

Cali was very interested in my bird, Jazzy. Jazzy is a very loud, and sometimes naughty Conur. I can only imagine Cali was wondering why there was a bird in the house! The first night when I put Jazzy to bed (covered his cage) and told him “goodnight Jazzy bird” and Jazzy repeated this phrase, the look on Cali’s face was priceless! She had never heard a bird talk before! Jazzy is tame, but again naughty, and he “rules the roost” when he is out of his cage. The other animals are not scared of Jazzy, but they know that Jazzy will nip at them if he is feeling naughty. Jazzy also had our other Golden Retriever, Jake, trained to sit in front of his cage at breakfast and Jazzy gives him his banana chips.

Cali has been good for Jake. Jake was 9 months old when our last dog, Ben, a black Labrador Retriever came to live with us. Jake and Ben grew up together and played together. When Ben died 1 ½ years ago Jake lost his best friend and Ken & I lost a part of our heart. It is fun watch Cali when I let them both in the house from outside as she will grab a toy from the toy basket and try to get Jake to play with her. Also every morning when we wake up I tell her to go find Jake and she goes to the living room to see if Jake is in there or else knows he must be downstairs and runs to the family room to find Jake.

Cali has slept in our room from the first night. Actually, the first night she slept right beside me all night long. Since then she likes her blanket on the bedroom floor in between the bedroom door and the bathroom door – I think this way she knows where I am at if I leave the bedroom.

While she enjoys spending time with Ken and will hang out with him in the family room, she likes to go and see what Aaron is doing. When I come home from work she pretty much sticks to whatever room I am in. She seems to have claimed me as her Mom (which warms my heart). We have found that she loves to be brushed and Ken is especially good at brushing her and Jake out in the evenings. The dogs enjoy spending time with him in the family room getting his undivided attention.

Cali really enjoys going for walks which we do daily unless the temperature is too far below freezing which it has been lately. The first two days she was pulling a lot on her leash but since then she seems to have found her rhythm walking next to Jake.

Cali had a good Christmas. Both Cali and Jake got new toys!! We wondered how she would do with a house full of people as we had 19 people over at Christmas Eve. Cali and Jake were asleep in the middle of the living room floor while the family was gathered around passing and opening up presents.

Cali has done great with our grandkids. Our granddaughter Madison comes to our house every day after school to wait for a ride home. She and Cali have bonded. While Madison has a snack and watches television Cali gets a good petting.

In fact, Cali has done exceptionally well with all of the people we have had visit since she had come to live with us. She greets everyone at the door with her tail wagging and a lick for their hand.

Cali is a special dog and we love her so very much. It is like she has always been a part of our family. She has a place in our hearts, our home and our life and we can’t imagine her not being there.

One-year update on Cali:

I have been in my new home for a year now and I love it here! My new Mom and Dad give me a lot of love and attention. My Golden brother Jake took me in and showed me all the toys, the big back yard and all the different routes we can take for daily walks. Unfortunately, my brother Jake went to dog heaven on November 6th. He was ill with lymphoma and he stayed around long enough to make sure that we were all going to be okay. I was sad to see him go, but our hearts are healing with all the love and attention we give each other. Here is a picture of me getting a big hug from granddaughter Peyton. I love it when the grandkids visit, or when anyone visits. Thank you GRRIN for giving me this new loving home. I feel very blessed.

13-40 Cali - happy tail granddaughter

Snuggling with Lily the cat, Jake & Mom on the sofa.

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