14-12 Addison 14-12

Adopted by:
Eric, Jodi & Taryn

Hi, everyone! I’m Addison, but you can call me “Addy.” I moved in with my “furever” family the end of June. Even though I’ve only lived here a couple of months, I feel like I’ve been part of the family forever!

My mom and dad, Jodi and Eric, and my sister, Taryn, made me feel right at home. I play dress up with my sis, go to Starbucks with Mom and out to the Farmer’s Market with Dad. (I just love meeting new people!! If they tell me what a sweet girl I am, I lean right in and soak up all the attention. And I never forget a face—if you’ve petted me once, I’m always excited to see you! I even do a special little dance when my family comes home or grandma and grandpa come to visit.) I also enjoy snuggling on the sofa, long walks with Mom and Dad and I’ll never turn down a good game of tug of war. I’m still trying to decide what to do with a ball, though—Mom says I’m supposed to chase it. Whatever!

My sister is starting violin lessons this fall and I’m trying to talk Mom and Dad into voice lessons so we can perform duets. I love to sing along whenever she practices! I don’t know if I can fit it into my class schedule though. . .oh, yeah! I forgot to tell you. I’m going to school! I’m taking Field Trips 101 and my Canine Citizenship class this fall. Mom says if I work hard and get good grades, I can help people in nursing homes, schools and hospitals. I can’t wait!!

I love to travel too—I’ve already taken trips to visit both extended families and even a weeklong vacation in Colorado! I love car rides, short or long, so mom and dad make sure to take me along whenever they can.

Well, nice to meet you all! Gotta go—the squirrels are waiting!

14-12 Addison Photo Collage