14-16 Remie 14-16

Adopted by:
Greg & Brooke

I am such a happy guy! I have a new home! I have a mom and dad, Greg and Brooke, who take great care of me! I also have two brothers and a sister too! I love it! Garrett and Avery play with me a lot. Emmett is just a little guy and plays too. I have to be careful with him because he is a small guy and I am so big. I don’t want to knock him over you know. I even get to tuck them in at night and wake them in the morning with big dog kisses!

And that’s not all! I have a bird to watch whenever I want. I have been so good…I have not bothered it at all. The cats that live with me are okay I guess. I just leave them alone. They were here first. Maybe some day we can learn to hang out together on the couch or play.

Remie - HT - 2

Going on walks sure is fun. I get to meet all the neighborhood big and little people. They want to play with me. I love it! I put my paw up on them to greet them. That is my connection to my people. I love to show love to my family too by leaning my big bear self on them. I am also learning new tricks like how to sit and come when someone calls my name. How cool is that! I really like treats too! Big surprise there! What golden doesn’t??

Car rides are sure fun. Sometimes I just hang out in the van to make sure I get to go on the next trip! My family sure knows how to spoil a guy. They even give great belly rubs!

I sure have become the Velcro dog. Brooke is always trying to take my picture. I lay in the perfect pose and when she goes to get her camera…you know what happens next! I just want to be with my family all the time! I love toys too. I am learning to play with mine and leave the kids’ toys alone…I don’t understand why there should be a difference. I guess I will figure it out.

Remie - HT - 1

I am so thankful for GRRIN and my foster family, Dave and Michelle, for giving me a furever home! Without them, none of this would have been possible! You are my heroes!


Adopted by Greg, Brooke, Garrett, Avery and Emmett Stohs