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Adopted by:
Kevin and Amy K.

Here’s a fun update about Heenooh from his adoptive family:

Kevin and I always say, he is one of the best and smartest dogs we have ever had!!  He has brought so much joy to us.  He goes and does everything with us, and loves the  ½ acre of fenced yard where he can explore, watch rabbits, birds, etc. and play.  Over the summer we bought a small camper and took him along.  We found that he loves the water.  He is happiest when he is along side of us no matter where we are.  Oh, and did I mention, he is a bed hog! He and the cats have made peace with each other although he still does not like when they lay in his bed, thus giving them a ride until they jump out.  He knew a lot of tricks when he came to us, and we have taught him a few new ones. So, in ending, I just want to say thank you GRRIN for allowing Heenooh to become an adored member of our family.

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Heenooh is absolutely the best dog ever. He made the adjustment into our household almost immediately. He has shown us all the tricks he can do and continues to learn more as we work with him. The cats have shown him who is in charge. When he finds a cat in his bed, he takes them for a ride across the room in it by pulling the bed with his mouth until they jump out. We go for walks every day after work and then he looks forward to a car ride after supper.  He spends couch time in one of our laps.  We are so happy to have him!  Thank you to everyone at GRRIN for making this happen for us. Dave and Michele were great to work with and gave us some great advice.

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