14-35 Maverick 14-35

Adopted by:
Rod & Connie B.

It’s been two months since we got Maverick (“Mav”) from GRRIN, and he’s doing great! He suffered some separation anxiety issues at first, but Rod was able to work from home for a couple of weeks and he settled down. He’s really attached to Rod, following him everywhere. (We thought about renaming him Velcro.) Every once in a while he will be extra happy to see us when we get home and do his “happy dance.” Watching 100+ pounds of Golden Retriever wiggle and prance is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

He met the neighborhood flock of turkeys his second day here, and had fun chasing them around the yard. I think he made an impression, because they haven’t been back since. He also like chasing squirrels up trees.

Everyone who meets him loves him. He is very laid back, and if you start petting him he won’t let you stop. In the house he’s been very good. He only chews on his bones and toys, and doesn’t bother us when we eat. He has also taught us that nowhere on the kitchen counter is out of his reach.

The vet says Mav should lose some weight, so Rod and Mav go for a walk every morning (weather permitting). Sometimes Connie and Mav go for an evening walk. He is great on a leash, never pulling, and slows down when asked. He has a tennis ball in the back yard he loves to use as a back massager. Every time he goes out he runs to get his tennis ball, then throws himself on it and starts rolling around. He also likes to fetch the ball if we throw it, but only once. I think it is because he doesn’t want to run and get it again.

We are so glad to have Mav, and look forward to many happy years as his “furever” home.

14-35 Maverick Adopted 1Maverick with his back massag … er … tennis ball.

14-35 Maverick Adopted 2Mav using his tennis ball 🙂

14-35 Maverick Adopted 3 14-35 Maverick Adopted 4