15-02 Ralphie 15-02

Adopted by:
Kurt and Katie F.

We are extremely happy to have Wreck it Ralph (as our son Ryder calls him), as part of our family. From the moment we picked him up, he fit right in. We wore him out the first few days of constant activity, and he slept really well those nights! Our daughter Emilia likes giving him big hugs, and putting necklaces on him. He loves to be outside playing in the yard with the kids, fetch mostly. He’s a master at getting tennis balls. I didn’t know dogs climbed ladders? Ralph does. He will follow Emilia up the ladder to the playhouse. We are still hoping that he will learn to use the slide too.  He gets to go on walks and runs, and is great on the leash. I also get the feeling he’s been hunting before. He flushed a pheasant on one walk, and it wasn’t by accident, as he came trotting back with a very proud look on his face.
We want to thank all of the members of GRRIN for their help, especially Kate, Barb and Leanne!! We couldn’t have hoped for a better pup!

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