15-08 Sandy 15-08

Adopted by:
Cindy J

Hi…it’s me, Sandy.  You don’t recognize me?  That’s because I got a new make-over.  Wow, it has been a busy, but exciting last two months.  It all started when my family felt that I was getting just a little too big for my current home and it might be better for me if I went to GRRIN and become a part of their family.  So, on June 25, a nice man came to my home.  I said goodbye to my current family and then went to my new foster home.  I was somewhat overweight, so it was difficult for me to get in and out of a car and walk up steps.  The next few days I was scared because there were a lot of holiday fireworks… but, my foster mom made sure I was comfortable and safe.  My foster mom said I have EXCELLENT manners!  Soon, we started walking; then I learned how to get in/out of the car; then I got a new hair cut.  One month later, I went to a GRRIN event and my foster mom, Cindy, officially adopted me.  Now, I am 14 pounds lighter.  I play ball and have play time with my furry neighbor friends.  I get excited and jump in circles when we go for our morning walk to the park and when people come to see me.  And, we go for a lot of car rides.  But, at the end of the day, I still have my long-time “favorite toy” that I go to sleep with.  I now have my forever home:  change is good;  life is awesome!  Thank you GRRIN for letting me be a part of your family!