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My name is Gracie and I truly believe that I am full of Grace.  You see for thirteen years I had a very loving home with kids and other furry resident dogs to play with.  I was well cared for by my whole family.  But, due to unforeseen circumstances, my family had to move and they were unable to take me.  They contacted GRRIN who was more than eager to let me join their warm an loving family even though I had some chronic health issues.  This is where the “full-of-Grace” comes in…I went to my foster home to live with Michele and Shelby, her resident Golden, and other furry animals.   I immediately became very attached to Michele.  She is wonderful!  We are always on the go.  With help from laser therapy and frequent short walks to help strengthen the muscles in my back legs, my gait has improved somewhat…and, that’s a good thing.   I also have lots of toys to play with and sometimes I share them with the other furry residents.  I am so grateful that my fur-ever home will always be with Michele, Shelby, and the other furry residents, and that I will always be a part of the GRRIN family.

04/28/16 Update: Because of her age, Gracie is becoming a permanent foster with GRRIN. Check back soon to learn more about Gracie’s new life!

2/20/16 Update: In January, Gracie was diagnosed with bilateral, severe muscle atrophy in her hind legs.  She has an obvious abnormal gait with her rear legs crossing over.  She also has visual deficits and laryneal paralysis, which makes her breathe heavily. Gracie has been receiving laser treatments and her foster mom has learned some physical therapy techniques to use at home, so her walking skills have improved! Gracie is very relaxed in her current home and enjoys the company of the resident Golden.

12/18/15 Update: Gracie has adjusted wonderfully in her new foster home. She has received laser treatments for mobility issues and the foster mom shared that the laser treatments must be working because Gracie is walking better and even jumped up on the sofa.  When the weather is nice, she goes for short walks outside. She has a great appetite and gets along very well with the resident Golden Shelby and other animals.

Gracie came into GRRIN because her family had some difficult life changes.  Fortunately, Gracie really likes her new foster mom and foster dog buddy, Shelby.  Her back legs are weak so GRRIN is working to get her some special treatment and then she will be able to play more often.  As always, we are thrilled to be able to care for senior Goldens that need it!


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