16-01 Bella 16-01

Adopted by:
Leanne & Elena

I didn’t want to be a “foster failure” but the day my daughter and I picked Bella up to foster her, she put her head in my lap and I fell in love. Her sweet personality is the perfect balance for my resident Golden’s sassy temperament. They’ve become inseparable; whether they’re exploring the backyard, playing with each other (or playing with the not so appreciative resident cat) or cuddling at the end of the day.

My little girl loves Bella because she never plays too rough and she gives excellent “hugs”. I love how generous she is with her love and her constantly wagging tail. She’s incredibly smart and I’m looking forward to training with her. I think she’d be fantastic at Agility! Her beautiful brown eyes have gotten her a few extra treats too!

All of the girls in this family think Bella makes our house happier and more love-filled…well, the cat will come around 😉 Thank you GRRIN!

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