16-09 Aurora 16-09

Adopted by:
Matt, Jenna & Penelope

Hi Everybody!

Aurora from Turkey here!  I want to tell you all that I have hit the jackpot!  After coming here from Turkey, I had to learn the ways of living with a family—Indoors!

Thank you to my foster family, Papa Jon, Mamma Sue and my doggie brothers Harley and Bear for teaching me how to live inside, play and feel safe.

Life has been grand and I am so excited to be with my new family, Papa Matt, Mamma Jenna and my wonderful fun human sister Penelope.  My favorite things are playing in the sprinklers (I love water), the sand box, playing tag, playing “check-up”, having tea parties with Penelope,  going for walks, hanging out with my family and helping (?) Mamma pick tomatoes off the vine–they are yummy and look like big red balls to play with!

I am truly thankful and blessed with the best life EVER! Thank you GRRIN.

Aurora 16-09 happy tail


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