16-24 Peaches 16-24

Adopted by:
Doug & Kristi

Change is good, but sometimes it can be very scary. My change came on Halloween night 2016. I left my two and half years, lifelong living environment to become a family member of GRRIN. Everyone was very nice to me, but everything was very new to me and it was very scary. I went to live with my foster family, Chris and Janez and their resident Golden Sayde. They were so patient with me. I learned to live indoors, go in and out of doors, eat around people and other dogs, ride in a car, play ball outside, and go on long walks with a harness and leash. Then I met a couple, Doug and Kristi, and their resident Golden Hayley. They thought I was just a sweet peach and wanted me to go live with them. Now I have my fur-ever home. There are some things I am still learning, and sometimes I still get scared, but I have been having a great time going for walks, camping, running and playing with my fur-sister Hayley, and enjoying my new life so much. Thank you GRRIN and to everyone that I have met who comforted me and made me feel so special. I hope to meet and see all of you sometime soon. Peaches