17-05 Bella 17-05

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Hi, it’s me, Bella!  Oh my gosh have I had the most fun since coming to my forever home with my mom, Theresa.   Mom was pretty heartbroken when she lost her Golden Kandi, but when she met me, she knew I would help heal her heart!

I have had visitors come just to see me, and they brought me treats and stuffies! I LOVE stuffies!  And mom takes me to parks and we take walks and go for car rides and I get anything my little Golden heart could ever want.  I have had a few issues with stealing off counters (may I just say that banana mom left me was delish, but the repercussions of stealing the bag of grapes out of the sink, not so much), so I’m trying to train Mom to be better about putting stuff away so I can’t get to it.  I’m a really good girl like that, training Mom!

I’m even on social media!  ME!  My mom had a Facebook page for her Kandi, so now she has added me to it too and I get lots of love and likes from people from all over the world!  You can check me out at Angel Kandi’s Fabulous Life and Now Bella’s Too  on Facebook if you want to keep up with my new, fabulous life!

I just want to thank GRRIN for taking a chance on me and a huge thanks to my foster dad and his dog for helping me find my new home.  I’m a lucky girl!

Update 3/12/2017: Bella is ready for adoption! She is a very active girl.  Her foster dad is keeping her busy with physical and intellectual activity to burn up her energy.  She might do well with obedience classes with her forever family to help curb her energy level and potential boredom.  She gets along well with other dogs and people; cats are unknown.  It has been found that she is a counter surfer; sneaky girl!  She is still quite a puppy.  She is good at sharing her toys with the resident dog and plays well with others.