17-06 Reggie 17-06

Adopted by:
Jon & Michelle

I met these really cute girls at the vet office one day. Their mom looked at me and knew my name was Reggie. My “paw”some foster dad Scott had brought me back to the vet for another check-up because I had some medical issues when my family surrendered me, particularly, I chewed all the hair off my feet because I had some allergies. The little girls petted me and gave me lots of attention. Their mom said she had been following me on the GRRIN website because their family wanted to get a second golden. She then said that they had just found out that their golden was very sick and tonight would be their last night with their furbaby. I was sad for them and wondered if I would ever see them again. Guess what? The family visited me at a meet and greet and stayed the whole time playing with me. Then, one night my “paw”some foster dad and my case manager, Pam, brought me to a new house to visit a family. Guess what? I got to visit the same family at their house. I checked it all out and got to play in their backyard. Several of the neighbor kids even came over to run and play with me. I had a lot of fun!  A few days later, I said goodbye to my “paw”some foster family, and moved into my new furever home with my dad, Jon; my mom, Michelle, and my sisters, Addison and Kinsey; the same family I had met almost exactly two months prior.

My family has continued to take care of my allergies, and we discovered that the food I was eating was not helping my allergies, so now I get a special food, and I love it. All the hair on my legs has grown back and I don’t chew on my legs anymore. There are A LOT of kids in my new neighborhood that I get to play with. There is always someone outside that wants to pet me and play with me. I turned one in June and I’m still a puppy. I’m trying to learn the rules, but I keep getting into trouble for grabbing shoes, clothes, stuffed animals, baby dolls, and pretty much anything I can get me mouth on (even though most of the things are out of my reach, I still find a way to get them.) Right now I wear my leash in the house (my third leash because I chewed through my first two), so that my family can grab my leash if I start to get into trouble. My family loves me though, no matter what.  They tell me they are so glad I picked their house as my furever home.

Thanks GRRIN for helping me when I needed it, and for helping me find my new family!



P.S. I got to keep my name too because my family loved it.