17-17 Orville 17-17

Adopted by:
Bill & Sara

Happy 2018 New Year! I must say that my holidays were just FABULOUS.  It all started on December 21, when a FABULOUS family thought I was just FABULOUS and adopted me.

Wow…what a wonderful Christmas present: my very own fur-ever home. My dad and mom, Bill and Sara, two human siblings, an adorable Golden paw sister, Penny, and two cats really think that I am just perfect and they all show me so much affection and love and take really good care of me. I have so much fun playing with them, and we are anxiously waiting for warm weather so we can go outside and take long walks, run, play ball, and meet new friends; and, maybe lose a few extra pounds.

I am so grateful to GRRIN for bringing me into their family and to all of the wonderful volunteers who cared so much about my well-being.  I will always remember all of you and hope I will see you all again so you can see just how fabulous and happy I am. Wishing all of you as much happiness as I have.