18-05 Bailey 18-05

Adopted by:
Mike & Cheryl

Bailey here!  I am still a puppy, but a very happy one!  I love my new home.  My new Mom and Dad, Cheryl and Mike, take great care of me.  They are helping me to learn to behave and get rid of my extra energy in good ways.  We go on long walks every morning and evening.  They even take me to a place that they call a dam site to go walking that has lots of good things to smell and see!  They even got me a thing called a kiddie pool that they put me into one day so I could cool off.  I was a bit scared the first time that I was in it, but I sure love it now!  I am even going to puppy school.

I still love to rip apart all the stuffed toys that I can find.  Now I have rope toys and I get to play with them.  My favorite game is tug-of-war.  I want everyone to play with me.  I like my crate now too.  I sleep in it every night with my blankets.  I will even get one out during the day to snuggle with.

Thanks to all of my wonderful GRRIN friends that helped me find such a great home!

Your special friend, Bailey!!