18-08 Charlie 18-08

Adopted by:

It’s been six months since I was released. I did my time producing many litters of beautiful puppies for the commercial trade and now it’s my turn to kick up my paws and become a house Golden! I landed well with some kind GRRIN humans who felt sorry for me and wanted to help me be a real dog. They had two other Goldens living with them, kind Uncle Hudson and ornery young Daniel (The Boys). I had a rocky start with tummy trouble and being so very afraid all the time. I’ve slowly learned how to go in and out of doors, up and down stairs, soft beds are wonderful, car rides aren’t evil, humans are kind and treats are awesome! I’ve learned to warm my bones on heating registers and to snuggle on the sofa for Netflix binges. I also learned that yummy stuff happens in kitchens and humans should never be allowed into a bathroom alone! The Boys have taught me many things that I didn’t know were doggish – sitting for treats, nosing jingle bells on the door to go potty, squeaky toys are fun, chasing birds, and bone chewing is a great job! I learned that it’s best to pretend that I don’t know there’s medicine in those little chunks of cheese that my humans say is for “nerves” because I LOVE NERVE CHEESE! My medicine human said that I will always get cheese for my nerves, I even get extra nerve cheese when a storm is coming because they are super nervie! I’m still learning that I’m safe on a leash, that ceiling fans won’t fall on me, to relax in the open and new places instead of hiding. When it became time to find me the perfect forever home, my foster humans decided I was the one thing missing for their family to be perfect and asked me to stay, FOREVER! I am a very happy Golden girl with The Boys and my forever humans and will keep learning what all Goldens should know, that we are made of love to be loved.