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Zoey lost her battle with cancer on December 30, 2019, but she had an amazing seven months with her foster family. They never thought twice about caring for Zoey and making her a “furever” part of the family, which is why her story will live on GRRIN’s Happy Tails pages.

New Zoey update: We have sad news to share. Zoey’s cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. We can still hope for a miracle, but Zoey may not have as much time left as we had hoped for her. You would never know she’s fighting this disease, she’s her usual delightful self and enjoys her loving foster family, canine foster brother, and special trips to GRRIN events. We are so grateful that her foster family is giving her this special love and care.

We have a Zoey update: Surgery to remove the mast cell tumor on Zoey’s paw appears to be successful. She enjoyed a lot of pre-surgery special attention from her foster family, including evening walk, roaming the yard with foster brother, Casey, and many, many hugs. Her recovery will take a few months, but we don’t anticipate this easygoing girl letting this slow her down for long.

Zoey’s new friend, Casey

Meet Zoey! She’s always a lady – ready with a Golden smile and crosses her legs. Zoey was surrendered by her loving family because they had to move overseas. She has taken the changes in stride despite having to also deal with a mast cell tumor on her paw. GRRIN is working with local veterinarians to determine the best course of action so that Zoey has many more years to smile and charm everyone she meets!