19-22 Doug (Formerly Halas) 19-22

Adopted by:
Russ & Shawn

I have just been running in circles celebrating everything. I celebrated my first birthday on August 27th and got so many presents! But, the best present was celebrating my first birthday in my new, fur-ever home with my new, fur-ever family: Shawn, Russ, Amanda, Abby, and my fur-sister Joy. My tail is still wagging with excitement and happiness.

Also, my name changed: I’m now Douglas Halas…but, all of you can call me Doug.

An added surprise to my celebration was going to a lake and going swimming. I had so much fun chasing the waves and swimming in the lake with my dad. When I’m at home, I’m running in my yard and playing with my fur-sister Joy, who is beginning to accept me (she probably would like me more if I remember not to play with her favorite toys!).

Now that I’m one, I know I have to remember my in-house manners and basic commands so I can go on more new adventures. I never knew I could be so happy. My foster family and all the other GRRIN volunteers made sure I was comfortable and happy. I can’t wait to celebrate more new adventures with my new, fur-ever family. I bet the next time you see me, my tail will still be wagging with excitement and happiness.

Many wags….Doug  (formerly Halas)