19-28 Shadow 19-28

Adopted by:
Michelle W.

Hello All!

We are having too much fun! We have been adopted by Michelle who thanks our foster home for taking care of us for a little bit longer than planned. Michelle had knee surgery shortly after her almost 15 year old Nicki #11-22 passed away and was surprised to see us, the dynamic duo of brothers suddenly appear on the website. She put her name in expecting it to be awhile before GRRIN contacted her but she received a pretty fast response! I guess maybe there are not too many who are able to take on 2 new dogs at once! We certainly do give her a run for her money but she seems to be keeping up ok. We love to play, run, investigate, and we really like going in the truck – you can tell by our drool down both sides of it!  Michelle has a ramp to her deck – she says that if she is lucky she will always end up with old dogs so that makes it easier than stairs – we have discovered playing hide and seek under this ramp! Ash hides under the ramp and Shadow stays out waiting and watching to see which side Ash will come out and then pounces! We do have our fun!

Thank you to GRRIN for putting us together – we plan on having a long and wonderful life together!