19-33 Ruby 19-33

Adopted by:
Laura and Keith

Ruby Dooby Doo – Where are YOU? She is at here forever home with Keith, Laura, and her new golden doodle brother Koda – that’s where she is!!!!

“Ruby Dooby Doo” (as her foster dad, Jon, named her) loves to wake up early to play. The sun is her alarm clock! “Jinkies”, Keith and Laura hope she outgrows this “being a morning pup” thing.

She loves to play in her big backyard with Koda. They gallop and gallivant around until 7-year-old Koda just can’t take is anymore. She is definitely getting him into shape!

Ruh Roh!!! Ruby has outgrown her puppy bed, but still insists she can curl up and sleep in it! This definitely IS a sight to see!

Ruby’s future looks bright. The name Ruby is so fitting for her as she is a real GEM- shiny and beautiful inside and out! Thank you GRRIN for this perfect match!!!