19-35 Murphy 19-35

13 year-old Male

Are you looking for a very handsome, energetic Golden senior who loves to play ball and be surrounded by toys? Well, here I am…Murphy. Playing ball is my favorite thing to do, along with taking walks and then maybe playing again.

Although I spent my younger years living with a furry companion, I have found that as I have grown older, I prefer to be the only animal in the house. After all, I’ve earned all of the attention, haven’t I?

Every time I meet someone new, they are amazed at how young I look and how much energy I have! Even the vet asked me if I was sure about my age.

And although, we all know I’m very good looking for my age, it would be great if my new home had very few steps so I can keep my legs and feet in good shape.

I am a sweet boy who is looking for a fur-ever home filled with love and fun. If you would like to meet me, just contact GRRIN and we will set up a time.