19-36 Hudson 19-36


Hudson here, and boy what a busy guy I have been this fall. I came to GRRIN and met Andrew who was waiting patiently for an opportunity to meet someone just like me. What a great dad he has been, so I have to say I am really lucky. We go together like peas and carrots.

I get to spend a lot of time walking my neighborhood, going on car rides, and playing tug and fetch in the yard. I also have an awesome bed by the front window where I can keep an eye on the exciting things that happen on my street when Dad is at work.

I have gained a little weight which is a good thing since I have a condition with a really long name which makes it hard for me to use the food I eat. I have gained 10 lbs which is really excellent. See I told you Andrew is a great dad!

Thank you to GRRIN and Andrew!