19-39 Tripp 19-39

Adopted by:
Chad & Amy

Hello, from Tripp Foster Teske!! Yes, that is the name I was given when I arrived at my new home after being rescued last October. I was transported by a really nice lady from GRRIN and brought to a fantastic home…I had never seen a real home before. This other really nice lady carried me into this home because I was too scared to move at first. I now know it was her home, and I was greeted with all this love and attention. I didn’t know what was happening. Who are these nice people, why do they like me, what is this soft stuff on my paws and there are two other furry things that seem to really like me.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was my new family. Chad, Amy, Erin, Hailey and my two furry brothers, Murphy and Remington. I was sure a mess…I wasn’t sure about grass, never saw stairs, much less went up and down them, didn’t like how the floors went from soft to hard, never ate or drank out of clean bowls and certainly never felt what it was like to be loved.

My foster family worked very hard to get me comfy with all of these “news” and I was quickly turning into a happily domesticated puppy. I was hoping with all my heart that I didn’t have to leave this family. They understood me, taught me and LOVED to play and snuggle.

And then it happened…they ADOPTED me!! They are my forever! I am now 8 months old and I live to love my family! They always say how funny I am! Is it because I watch tv? Is it because I play for hours on end with these awesome toys and am funny about it? Is it because I love to play like I’m in a gymnastics class?

I just know that I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Thank you, GRRIN, for getting me and delivering me to my forever family!!