19-40 Hallie 19-40

Adopted by:
Terry & Wendy

Look at me…Hallie. Don’t I look really happy? That’s because after several months, I was adopted and now have my fur-ever home. Somehow, just before the holidays, I found myself alone and wandering the streets. Fortunately, I was found and taken to a shelter where it was warm, they fed me, took me on daily walks, and gave me medical care. The shelter contacted GRRIN, and wonderful volunteers came and picked me up and took me to my foster home. Immediately, my foster family knew they permanently wanted me to stay and named me HALLIE. But, I had some persistent medical problems that needed to be resolved. During this time, I remained my mild-mannered and happy self while living the good life: going for daily walks, car rides with the window down, meeting new humans, and rolling around in my big yard, along with sniffing scents in the flower/vegetable gardens. Finally, my medical concerns were under control. Now, I am healthy, happy and enjoying my life in my new, fur-ever home with my mom, Wendy. To all the GRRIN volunteers, shelter staff, medical staff who cared about my well-being, health, and happiness, thank you soooo much and many puppy hugs to all of you.