19-45 Ella 19-45


Early last year, our quiet little family decided we needed a jolt of excitement and enthusiasm in our lives. After finding Ella on GRRIN’s adoption page, we fell in love immediately. Ella was born with a genetic condition called cricopharyngeal achalasia, a condition that affects her ability to swallow correctly and can cause her to accidently inhale food or water. Because Trent is a veterinarian and Karen is in the medical field, we felt comfortable taking on the extra challenges and adaptations for her care.

Ella joined our family in April after several weeks of anticipation. Quiet and reserved at first, her personality has blossomed and now she is the vibrant, playful motor of our home. She gets along well with her brothers Zeke and Charlie, although I’m sure she tests their patience at 12 and 10 years old respectively. But she has quickly learned how to be gentle with her smaller brothers and save the rough housing for her friend Copper.

When Ella first came to live with us, she ate best in a Bailey chair, a type of special elevated bowl and seat that allowed her to eat upright. However, playful spirit that she is, staying in the chair long enough to eat her dinner became a major challenge. She would rather starve than miss out on play time! So, through some research, trial, and a lot of error, we found a dog food and feeding style that works well for her to eat just like her brothers. Fortunately, her foster mom Tori had already solved the problem of needing ice rather than water before we ever adopted her. Now she enjoys her colander of ice between play dates, naps on the patio, and intense games of tug.

Our home wouldn’t be the same without Ella and she has brought us incredible joy, companionship, and opportunities to learn about her and ourselves. She is a perfect fit for our family.